Outsourcing Capabilities

Why use Absolute for Systems Outsourcing?

Absolute Automation can provide a complete turn key solution for our customers outsourcing requirements. At Absolute we are more than just panel builders. We have a comprehensive team of engineering staff that can take your initial concept right through to mass, batch or bespoke production.

We work closely with our customer throughout the initial concept stage to produce design documentation and schematics required to progress the project.

Once approved by the customer we can move from the design stage directly into physical production, we can also work along side the build schedule to produce the required PLC software for the project.

Because this is all done in house, Absolute are the single point of contact for the project. We inherently understand every detail of the design, allowing us to maintain a high level of efficiency from start to finish of production.


Bespoke, batch or mass production.

We can engineer, build, test and commission it all.


How do Absolute Deliver at Scale?

Absolute Automation can deliver at scale because we use highly trained panel wirers who are organised into project specific build teams with a dedicated line manager ensuring consistent production methods.

Here are just some of the reasons why we can deliver at scale.

  • Our sophisticated ERP system allows for detailed project management.
  • We have internal parts tracking systems in place.
  • A tailored internal quality and assurance program.
  • Well established supplier relationships.
  • Open and dynamic to changing customer needs.
  • Immediate alternate supplier and component sourcing.
  • System optimisation and cost saving feedback built into everything we do.

Expertise as standard.

Engineering Throughout

At Absolute Automation we have a consistent engineering approach and its not just about the level of engineering in our panels, its about the engineering backgrounds of our employees. The level of knowledge and experience that every member of Absolute has ensures we can carry consistency and add quality into our processes throughout.

Here at Absolute we understand that quality cannot simply be added at the end of the process. That’s why the majority of our employees throughout the business come from a strong engineering background. Whether that’s those currently in an engineering role or those who are not, this consistent logical approach gives Absolute the flexibility to meet all our customer requirements head on.